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Best Horror Stories Of All Time:- This story is about a village in the hills far away from the city, there used to be a few people living in that village, but some people came to that village and they wanted to remove that village and make it a high place for which those people A group of soldiers was sent to remove that Adi Visio,

but that army did not know that they were going to face any trouble, there was a mountain in that village, which Adi Visio named the mountain of Betal and believed That there was art on that mountain,

that soldiers tried to go into that mountain but the Adi residents stopped them from going in and after stopping them told them that that mountain of the mountain is cursed and if the path of that mountain is opened If the whole world dies,

all the people will die, and even if that army has done its full code, even if those people were not letting them in, then they called their leader from them. He came with the complete responsibility of removing those people, one night that leader took his team and went towards that mountain and he started on the road leading inside that mountain.

Big stone broke and Sayed was the biggest mistake of his life and after some time when he went inside, he saw that just inside the cave, there was just a glimmer of people, then one of them lost his hand on his side.

Best Horror Stories Of All Time | Shaapit Pahaad |

Best Horror Stories Of All Time:- He started coming forward, seeing that suddenly something strange happened to the leader and he took his team back from that cave, he did not tell his team about anything inside because he was afraid that his team said his words Hearing this, he should not be afraid,

Lillard was also thinking about himself, what happened to him suddenly after going to the cave, due to which he came out the next day when it happened in the morning, he had a fleeting run of his resident. As soon as she came to him, she started crying loudly and she was crying that she was speaking to the leader of the soldiers that now her army was coming and she would kill us all now.

She also told him that because of that now everyone will die. Because that mountain belongs to the God of Betal and it is very cursed and you have made a big mistake by opening its door and telling about that Betal, that here 2000 years ago there was a name of Betal The British army used to persecute the people who lived in it,

they used to stay with their soldiers in the cave of that mountain. One night, the people who were greatly tortured by those Fosios in that cave They entered and killed those Fazio with fire,

but among them, there was also a woman who used to perform art magic, who made them live by performing art magic in that discord and all his folio, they were all a living loser because Their leader was not able to recover completely and he killed the woman in the raid.

When the villagers came to know about this, Ushne summoned a Baba and with his help, the entire army of the Betal was imprisoned inside that cave. That Baba told all those villagers that Betal has become a god who can never be killed now and he will return one day at the behest of that Baba,

Best Horror Stories Of All Time:- those villagers made an idol of that Betal and all the villages People used to worship him together and he used to give blood to his idol daily so that he would stay inside that cave and never come out.

He also put a big stone, which no one had shaken till today when the leader of that army heard this girl, he was very scared and now he got a total understanding of who his last night was.

Saw the body and he has made a big mistake by breaking that stone, now that leader thought that now he himself will go inside that cave and he will fight with that betel, as soon as that night,

the leader Jung with his team towards that cave When they all came out through that cave, the leader did not see much due to being too dark inside the cave,

but inside that cave, there was a strange smell as if he and his team cave. As he was going inside, he saw a light and all of them started chasing that light. He saw a very large statue of Betal, which was very terrible to see. Standing like a leader, whose clothes were completely halfway,

Best Horror Stories Of All Time:- then suddenly the voice of the drum started coming in that cave as if the mind was going to be a war and as the sound of that drum as fast As the leader of that army was getting more and more scared,

then the man who was looking at that idol turned back and started laughing loudly after seeing the leader of that army, now that leader is all It was understood that this is the betel,

that betal raised his hand and tried to attack when the leader of that army saw all around him, he was running very fast towards him,

the leader started firing on him with his gun but then B she was not taking the name of stop-loss, then a loss came towards the leader and he opened his big mouth and cut the leader’s throat and then the leader gave a loud cry and broke his sleep.

Whatever he saw He had a dream of all this, that leader was dying of fear because he was going to fight with that grief as soon as tomorrow morning, friends, you must tell us this story by commenting on it.

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