Motivational Story In Hindi | मन की शांति | Inspirational Story

Motivational Story In Hindi:- Someone has said about the big lotus that numbers never get in the exam of life, so you understand that when someone gives you a place in your heart, then you take a society that you have passed a small story for you There is a king who had a huge empire and who had a huge army,

that king was not lacking in anything, but the king was now growing old and that king could be redeemed at that time. He was chosen as the new king because that king had a lot of work time left.

One day one Baba said to that king that you should start doing austerities because you have a lot of work time left and this is your remaining time Have engaged in the austerity of God, you have served this state your whole life,

now you give your children a chance to serve this state, that king also liked that Baba and he also thought that Sayyid was saying it right If the king had four wives,

the king thought that he should take his wife along with him to do penance, then that king went to his fourth wife and asked her what When you are ready to go with me to do penance in the forest, then that queen then clearly told the king that she will not go with him in the forest, after hearing this,

the king became sad and thought The one he loved the most, today he confessed to her, then the king went to the room of his third wife and again he told the queen that would you go with Nere to do penance in the forest when that queen heard this So that queen told the king that how are you doing these things,

Motivational Story In Hindi | मन की शांति | Inspirational Story

Motivational Story In Hindi:- you can do your penance even by staying here, if you stay here then we are with you but if you want to do penance in the forest, then we cannot come with you The king also went from here to the room of his second wife, being depressed,

that king had full faith in his second wife because that same wife used to help him in taking any decision and the king had faith in that queen that his wife was absolutely his Even the king would not believe that he reached the room of the queen with great expectation and Jake said the same thing to him when he came to speak to his two wives.

The queen told the king that she had a big heart to go with you in the forest but I cannot come with you, I helped you in all your works but today you cannot help me in this but I can do a job for you. That when you leave this world and go to black, you can do it at your funeral,

the king is very sad now, as soon as he came out of that queen’s room, a voice came from behind that where you go I am ready to go with you, when the king heard this voice and looked back, the first wife of that king was standing there with whom she had been in the first century but that king looked after that queen at all.

Did not, but still, that queen was ready to go with that king, that queen told the king that let’s go in the forest for austerity, I am ready to support you. This story is not of that king’s four wives but ours It is yours for everyone to tell whom today, the fourth queen, our body,

you think day and night about your body, how to keep it absolutely right, how we fit perfectly But this is not going to go with you, after this, the third queen, that is, all our things such as the laptop mobile,

which we keep running behind after which we have put our whole life, all these things can be done by anyone except you. Not going to go together but still, we keep running after them,

Motivational Story In Hindi:- after that the other queen who told that king that I cannot come with you but can perform your last rites means that our family is our friend who lives all the time We support us but cannot go with us after we die but do get our last rites are done and in the end,

the queen who said that she is ready to walk in the jungle with the king means our soul which we absolutely We do not even care, but in the last time she supports us

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