Real Horror Story Of The Conjuring की सच्ची कहानी- All 3 Parts

Parts 1

Real Horror Story:- This was in 1971 and it was very cold in those days and in such a situation, Roger and Caroline came to live with their five daughters on a road from America and this was the biggest mistake of their life in that farmhouse in 1960. It was built and it was spread over 200 acres.

Roger and Caroline got that house named after them for 5 years. Roger and Caroline lived in that house for a few days, and some strange incidents happened in that house. Some times,

his daughters used to go from one place to another, and the photos of the walls automatically fell down and some times Karoline has also heard the cry of someone crying during the night. One day Caroline saw that her youngest daughter was playing, a black shadow was standing right behind her,

who was smiling after seeing her daughter, it was a common thing for that family. One night, Caroline told Roger all these things and Roger also told her He too has felt this once and then Roger and Caroline start thinking about sending their children away from home when only their bed starts shaking and suddenly His bed started flying in the air and then fell on the ground from the abode which scared both of them so much that night they both were so scared that they both did not sleep that night.

Since that day very bad with Caroline. It started happening and seeing her condition started getting very bad, it always seemed as if someone was beating her, and every night that soul would come in her ears and say that she would not leave her so that she could not sleep the whole night.

Sometimes the soul used to ask Caroline to her survivor, dragging her to the room below that house and harassed her, but when Caroline woke up in the morning,

Real Horror Story:- she could not remember what happened to her in the night. It was as if Caroline was living in that house, her condition was getting worse,

and sometimes when she was cooking in her kitchen, she would cut herself with her knife one night while Caroline was sleeping in her room.

It seemed to him as if someone had stifled his throat and as soon as he opened his eyes, a black soul was standing right above him. Caused a lot of redemption but in no time the soul took possession of his body

 Real Horror Story Of The Conjuring की सच्ची कहानी- All 3 Parts

Parts 2

Real Horror Story:- Day by day Roger and Caroline’s smile kept growing and since the night Caroline had seen that soul, she was doing some strange behavior with her own children and whenever Roger would go out of his house from work he would She used to keep her own children locked in the room for hours and whenever anyone did not listen to her,

she used to die and if any of them even went to Roger, she would beat her a lot now. His children found out that he was cursed at home. One day Roger saw that his youngest daughter was crying by the door and when Roger went to pick him up,

he saw that Caroline is also sitting right behind him and her hair Seeing all this, Roger’s senses flew away and he dragged Caroline to her room and tied her with a chair, she was telling Roger repeatedly that she should open him, but Roger told him a thing She did not listen and after some time she became nervous when after some time she came to her senses,

she told Roger that some black soul has held her in control and she wants to kill our daughters and If he did not do this, he would kill both of us. Caroline also told that that soul is very terrible and all these bucket-speaking Caroline once again got upset, Roger was very scared after hearing all these things.

Then he put Caroline on her bed and went out of the house to find out whose house it was first and that someone had lived before.

Real Horror Story:- When she asked any of the people living there, she found out that there was a woman here first Used to live with three children who had died suddenly and could not even know who killed their children when it was later found out that those children were killed so that their people started to believe that the woman was a There is a witch who was making her happy by killing her own children and within a few years the woman killed herself,

why did she take such a step, no one came to know till date and since then the job also remained in her house. Something strange began to happen and some people saw the soul of that woman as well.

 Real Horror Story Of The Conjuring की सच्ची कहानी- All 3 Parts

Parts 3

Real Horror Story:- When Roger came back to his house after finding out about the woman, he was very scared because what he had seen he shook from inside,

he saw that Caroline was missing from her room and everywhere in that room There is a trace of black color that someone has dragged Caroline from there, Roger chased them to that Nissan,

only then Roger came to a loud voice from the room below and those traces were also going to make big snow. He went inside that room and it was very dark in the room, he lit a matchbox out of his pocket but it did not go out when he lit the match for the second time,

as this time he saw a black soul standing in front of Seeing this, he got very scared and he lost the match on his hands when he saw that Caroline was lying unconscious in the corner of that room,

Real Horror Story:- Roger picked him up and started going out of that room as soon as Roger got out of that room. It was as if it seemed that that black soul was following her. After some time,

Roger called the very famous Paranormal Expert to his house and when that Paranormal was a When the actor reached his house, he came to know that a very bad soul lives in that house. Caroline’s condition had become worse now, her whole face was full of injuries and she was in a corner of her room.

While sitting and catching the spiders of the wall, the paranormal experts started their investigation in that house and they thought to exercise that house but due to that the condition there became even more terrible and that soul was still more It was over-penetrating and he had started harassing Caroline’s children. One night,

paranormal experts were chasing the house with the help of Caroline and after some time, Caroline came to her room. She was missing from the bed,

she was standing right behind him, her eyes were completely red, her forces were open and she was flying in us, now that soul had completely captured her,

Real Horror Story:- the whole room started moving from Zoro. Read the mantra and now his condition was getting worse and the situation of Caroline was so bad that Roger gave those paranormal experts After agreeing to do this,

and after a few days, Caroline fell on the ground and they cleared the house and moved to a new house,

but still that soul had not left the Caroline and kept her under his control. Was friends, if you liked this story of ours, then please tell us by commenting

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