The Most Horror Story Of Two Friends In English | Horror Story (2020) |

The Most Horror Story:- This ghostly story is of two friends, named Raju and Manoj and used to spend a lot of their time with each other, but for a few days Manoj did not talk to Raju,

even did not have any message with Raju. I had called him once from his phone but he was not even picking up his phone and due to this virus, he could not go to his house to meet him,

due to which he was very worried about his friend, then suddenly one day Raju Manu got a call from Raju, then Raju picked up his phone and digested with him that he was not right,

which he replied that he was perfectly fine but Raju felt something strange, then asked Manoj again if there is anything wrong Because of which you were not picking up my phone,

then told him that you know that I come back from my job in the evening, but due to this lockdown, my friends told me to come in the afternoon and when I was in the past Saptah: I was coming back home from my job in the evening, then something strange happened to me when I was coming back home from my car,

The Most Horror Story:- then I saw a girl standing on the road, I thought in my mind What is this girl doing alone here so late in the night, she was shaking hands again and again,

Syed had to take her lift, so she stopped her own car and she told me that she works in a nearby hospital but today the driver He was about to pick up his car and it broke down due to which he could not reach his house yet and he asked me if he could leave me at the nearby station.

When I saw that girl, he put a mask on his face. Manoj was wearing Raju told that the girl’s eyes were very piercing due to which he could not believe that girl, then Manoj took that girl in his car,

the girl told Manoj in the car to lift me Thank you very much for giving, then he told the name Pana and he said that his name is Radha,

then Manoj told him that his name is Manoj, then he asked me if you go home from your job every night at night, then Manoj Told him that for a few days there is too much work in his office,

due to which he is late for home today, then Manoj chases the girl from him. Paco was very surprised to see here on this night because this path is very good,

The Most Horror Story Of Two Friends In English | Horror Story (2020) |

The Most Horror Story:- then Manoj asked him about his new job and how he felt about doing a new job and asked him about his job. It was suddenly said to me that you stop the car here, it will go on its own.

I stopped the car and she got off the car and walked on foot, then Manoj told her that the girl was very beautiful and she was full of that girl. Raju asked her if she was standing there the next day too,

Manoj asked her that yes that girl was waiting for her on that road the same night and I myself too that day He stopped his car with her.

She sat in my car and both of us started coming that day. She talked to me that I was feeling very good with her talk and I wanted to know more about that girl but whenever I She used to ask me something about her job or something, she used to confuse me with her words.

The Most Horror Story:- It started happening for a few days and I started going close to her and one day when She was not there that night, I stopped her car the same day where she used to always stand,

then suddenly I heard the sound of someone laughing behind some trees. And I started chasing that voice. Then I saw some girl with a boy who was talking to them, they were very happy among themselves but I felt very bad seeing both of them together.

I started chasing both of them from the place and then they stopped at the place for some time, in that too they were seeing a silent arc from behind a tree, then the boy told the girl Radha.

I want to see your whole face in today, then Radha said that yes today is the right time to show you your face and as soon as that Radha removed her face mask,

both the boy and my hoses flew away because that Radha’s entire lips were torn up to her ears and her Dutt was very sharp and very big,

that Radha grabbed that boy and started scratching his throat with his teeth when I saw all this with my eyes. Kul haka was left, hurry started running back towards his car and hurry came to his house sitting in his car, Manoj told Raju that seeing that girl’s face that day, I also got Bill Kul that night.

Need did not come and after that day did not even go to his job in a few days, then Raju told him that you have not told the police yet,

The Most Horror Story:- then Manoj told him what I told the police that I saw a witch. Do not believe me, then Raju asked her that when you went on your own after a few days,

did you see her even then Manoj said yes I saw her and she was standing there and shaking her hand and asking for lift But that day I got out of his car at such a speed as if he did not know the public,

then Raju explained to Manoj that now you do not come to Rat in that way, you were lucky enough to save your life that day. After that boy, the next guy was your number,

then Manoj told him that yes, whenever he has left his and he will do some other job in that way so that he does not have to go through that road, friends, we hope that you Our story is good but please tell us then comment

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