Two Most Horror Stories in Hindi | 1 Naagin Horror Story | 2 Football Player Ka Bhoot

1 Naagin Horror Story

Two Most Horror Stories in Hindi:- The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world, here some kind of jeweler is found to be a dangerous snake, if it bites a snake once, then it is not possible to save him.

He has to tell the people that there is such a place Who is completely filled with sane and valuables, but no one has brought that stuff from that place and till date,

every person who has gone to that place has not been found alive, this story was famous in that place when Dev A man named Searcher came out to find the cave of that place.

He discovered that cave with the help of a local person living in the same place and he was about to go inside that cave. He heard the voice of a girl and he came near them and said that this cave is very dangerous and inside it,

there are poisonous snakes that the person who came with Dev could not understand that that girl in that desert What was she doing alone when the person asked her,

Two Most Horror Stories in Hindi | 1 Naagin Horror Story | 2 Football Player Ka Bhoot

Two Most Horror Stories in Hindi:- she told her that she is a snake charmer who used to catch snakes, Dev gave her some money and with her, Dev was told that in any case, he would go inside that cave,

the person who came with Dev stopped outside the cave and Dev went with that girl inside that cave when Dev When he went a little in the cave, he saw something buried in the wall of the cave which was shining very much.

When Dev went to that thing, he saw that he was a big hive as soon as Dev lifted that hire I thought that then a snake came there and sat near that hind, seeing that snake,

Dev was afraid, that girl, that snake, that girl drove the snake away from there and Dev comfortably gave it to him Removed and started going inside the cave,

the person who had come with Dev saw that Dev had left his camera outside and he also went inside to give him the camera. He was only getting the sound of snakes crawling,

he broke and looked inside, he saw a mountain of items made of diamonds and gold, Dev and that girl was also standing there, but on top of that mountain and gold mountain many snakes.

Bh He was regaining some bones lying under that mountain, but Dev could not see anything in front of his greed, then Dev asked that girl to flee those snakes but something else happened to him.

Two Most Horror Stories in Hindi:- Suddenly, his teeth started to grow up and his face started getting full of art, and on seeing this girl turned into a big snake and he has bitten Dev. As soon as the snake fell on Dev’s land,

all the snakes there climbed on his body and he Seeing this again and again, the person who came with Dev was very scared and he quickly ran out of that cave and soon after getting out he found the same girl outside but that person asked for his life.

And he told him that he would never come here and that person left his place on his camel and since then people started believing that there lives a serpent in that cave,

which protects that cave so that no one will be there. Or you can not take any goods, friends, what do you think if you find the way to that cave, then you will go inside that cave

Horror Stories in Hindi | Football  Player Ka Bhoot

Two Most Horror Stories in Hindi | 1 Naagin Horror Story | 2 Football Player Ka Bhoot

You must have known the Civil Football Club, but you all know that the ground in which the football team has played football for 90 years has been considered as a ground since 1979,

about 40 years ago, a person used to travel. The name was Hobar Chopper, the team manager of the Asana Football Globe at that time, who transformed the Asana Football Club into a Dominal Team,

he was the one who made all the changes in that ground and made that ground famous but in 1934 his 55 years He got freed and since then people believe that since then his soul lives in that ground.

Two Most Horror Stories in Hindi:- A boy whose name was Manish, he did not know anything about all this and he wanted to become a football player. The boy always used to train his football in that ground at night,

one day he was preparing for his next match in that ground till late night when he felt something that someone is following him due to which He could not concentrate well on his game when he heard the voice of a person and that person told him that you are preparing for your game in the wrong way.

He looked back and saw an old man sitting on the far chair of the ground, he was looking very weak and there were marks on the bottom of his eyes and Somewhere there was an injury on the face,

the person got up from his chair and slowly came to the boy, Manish was a little scared to see that person and he left his football and left the ground and started again.

What happened? Manish was not afraid to play for a personal football club. Manish now felt more afraid of the person and then he started running but only then when Manish looked back at his football,

he looked back. The man standing right in front of him grabbed Manish’s hand and he was smiling a little, looking at Manish but his hand was very strong,

Two Most Horror Stories in Hindi:- then Manish pushed the person to release his hand and that person The same person fell on the ground, that person suddenly disappeared from there,

Manish was very surprised to see all this and he thought It is not right to stay here longer and he learned from that ground and reached the staff of that ground and started telling them the whole thing when the staff of that ground listened to him,

he told him the story of Hobar Chappar and saw It is also said that he too has seen the Hobar Chappar playing on that ground and sitting on the ground chairs,

he was going out of the ground that he again saw the soul of the Hobar Chappar who was smiling upon seeing him. What do you think, please tell us by commenting

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